Vivek Rai

Vivek is a Mechanical Engineer from PESIT with interest in machines. He pursued a full-time job as a technical author and later as a programmer and QA tester at ansrsource. He is currently pursuing an MBA at DOMS, NITT. His interests are Operations Management, Marketing Management, and Business Data Analytics. You can connect with Vivek on LinkedIn at raivivek2903.

From Working at Student to Becoming a Professional

People ask me “how different is corporate life from college life?” They are similar in some ways and different in others. Let me tell you a short story. I had the privilege of studying in a college that was inherently super strict about anything and everything. One day, my college helped launch a satellite (true story). The next day, there were memes floating around the campus saying, “the satellite was called back to Earth because it forgot the ID card.”


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