• Onwards and Upwards – My Job Search Adventure (Part 3)
    Every day, some of my fuel is expended in job hunting. Some more is spent in dealing with the rejection that comes with it. Even more is used up to keep going despite the rejections. In the end, when my fuel reserves are almost empty, I look at my radish, resting against the wall wearing the stick and sticky tape proudly.
  • From Working at Student to Becoming a Professional
    People ask me “how different is corporate life from college life?” They are similar in some ways and different in others. Let me tell you a short story. I had the privilege of studying in a college that was inherently super strict about anything and everything. One day, my college helped launch a satellite (true story). The next day, there were memes floating around the campus saying, “the satellite was called back to Earth because it forgot the ID card.”
  • How I Landed My First Job as a Technical Author
    The selection of career in India is mostly a family driven choice rather than an individual preference. Children, as the trope goes, get tagged either as an Engineer or a Doctor by the family soon as they are born. I too grew up in such a family and was “destined” to become an engineer.
  • LinkedIn Stories. LinkedIn’s Blackberry Moment?
    LinkedIn Stories. What’s that? In fact, about 500 million users consume stories on Instagram every day. Half a billion. This is a format that is extremely popular among the younger generation that has grown up on the bite-sized stories format. So, why should LinkedIn fall behind?
  • Leaps and Bounds – My Job Search Adventure (Part 2)
    Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places at times. This is a tale about my time as a volunteer, how that brought me closer to frogs and inspired me to trust my instincts.

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