Leaps and Bounds – My Job Search Adventure (Part 2)

Remember when I said I was job hunting? Well, I still am! But, for some time now, I have been contemplating changing my focus and applying to jobs in the human public health sector instead of the animal public health sector. There are plenty of openings there; a lot more than the animal public health sector has to offer. In fact, I spent a lot a time stuck in a dilemma of choosing between the two and almost felt lost in the forest of job hunting.

Then, I found my way out with help from a rather unusual source of inspiration.

In the Netherlands, there are two things commonly found alongside roads – forests and canals. Also found here are some of the most amazing species of frogs, toads and salamanders. These amphibians have their breeding season from February to April, when they leave their forest abodes to migrate to the canals and ponds to breed. Sometimes, roads lie right in the middle of this journey making it very dangerous for these amphibians to reach their breeding grounds. To help them on their way, groups of local citizens come together and walk along the roadside to pick up and transfer the critters to the other side of the roads.

A frog held by a volunteer.

One of the frogs I helped cross the road this season.

Image Courtesy: Paddenwerkgroep Zeist-Noord

One thing we volunteers make sure of is that we transfer the amphibians in the same direction as we found them facing. This is because their need to reproduce directs them towards the water body that they were born in. It makes them very certain of the direction they need to move in.

While I was out helping them, I was inspired by their sheer will and dedication to reach their breeding grounds. They were so different from me yet so sure of what they wanted. If they could act on their instincts, so could I. The frogs, toads and salamanders I helped transfer, guided me to trust my instincts and pursue something that I’ve always been interested in. They inspired me to resume my search in the animal public health sector and continue working in the direction of my true interests.

Inspiration is the force that propels us to create, to act and to think.

My inspiration came through the leaps and bounds of these lovely creatures, loyal to their own instincts. With the breeding season now over, I have walked down my usual route to find tadpoles and tiny frogs swimming around in the canals and ponds. It is a very satisfying view to behold. Confident of not losing my way in the forest again, I now hope to reach the pond on the other side.

Gorgeous Green Spaces in the Netherlands. Image Courtesy: Aryayashoda
Aryayashoda Kulkarni
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